NEWS12 March 2014

Ecommerce incubator builds Hadoop-based behaviour analysis system

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GERMANY — Ecommerce incubator Rocket Internet is partnering with MapR Technologies to build a Hadoop-based user behaviour analysis system.

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The analysis platform will be used to examine the activities of people visiting the websites Rocket supports. Since 2007, Rocket Internet has supported the development of several companies, including Alando, which was sold to eBay, and BillPay, which was sold to

Rocket Internet has run its own internally designed business intelligence application for the last three years. In partnering with MapR, the company was looking to enhance its analytics engine to better determine the impact of each marketing channel and each keyword on overall client business. 

“In terms of real-world return, the performance gains are allowing the company to better optimise marketing spend down to a single keyword,” MapR said in a statement.