NEWS29 July 2022

E2E Research launches electronic signature tool

New business News North America

US – Market research, data analytics and business intelligence company E2E Research has released a digital signature tool to help collect electronic signatures from research participants.

Person signing document

The tool, called Inscribee, will work at any stage of the online or offline research process and seeks to simplify and streamline the research process for participants and users.

Features include the ability to embed consent forms and documents into the middle of questionnaires, focus groups and interviews, as well as tools to provide traceable, real-time signatures and document sharing.

Annie Pettit, chief research officer, North America at E2E Research, said: “Improving the research experience is such as important part of promoting positive growth within the research industry.

“When we can make any part of the research experience easier and more enjoyable, it’s a benefit for everyone. In this case, we’ve helped researchers by removing barriers to consent, and we’ve helped research participants by removing annoying and unnecessary extra steps.”

Rupa Raje, president at E2E Research, said: “We saw so many research users struggling with the traditional participant signature process. They needed a tool that would simplify the consent process for their research participants, one that didn’t require participants to leave the survey environment to check their emails and send back completed forms.

“Inscribee is the perfect solution for both online and offline research experiences. Whether participant names and email addresses are known or not, they can easily complete a consent form on their own device or a client’s device.”