NEWS18 January 2022

Dunnhumby releases retail media platform

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UK – Data science business Dunnhumby has launched a data-led end-to-end platform for retail media.

Data points with supermarket aisle in background

Dunnhumby Sphere will allow users to carry out tasks such as audience targeting, media booking, forecasting and measurement across a range of retail channels.

The platform aims to allow retailers to build and expand their retail media capability, allowing them to scale and maximise revenues from retail media while allowing advertising partners to collaborate and plan, book, measure and pay for campaigns both online and in-store.

Dunnhumby Sphere is already used by Tesco to power several retail media tools in the Tesco Media and Insight platform, which was recently launched in the UK to help Tesco suppliers and agencies engage with customers and understand their needs.

Artificial-intelligence-powered audiences are also used to predict customers’ likelihood to buy a product, and multiple sets of data are brought together to help brands find the shoppers they need to target in order to hit their marketing goals and deliver high return on ad spend.

Julie Jeancolas, head of media and customer engagement products at Dunnhumby, said: “The retail media ecosystem is highly fragmented, making platforms difficult and expensive to develop.

“This often means that the value of data gets trapped, with some third-party data platforms serving unusable data to brands and agencies, which undermines the point of a self-service platform.

“Brands need a single point of access for all their measurement reporting to compare the relative performance of each channel, while retailers need a way to validate the long-term impact of retail media on the customer experience and sales.”