NEWS8 August 2013

Dunn and Humby join Starcount

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UK — Tesco clubcard creators Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby are selling their company to data and trend aggregator Starcount for an undisclosed sum.

H&D Ventures is to be sold to Starcount with Dunn and Humby taking a stake in the business as well as joining the Starcount board.

In addition, the completion of a $5m fundraiser, that included Artemis Capital and Praetura Capital, will see former vice-chairman of institutional securities at Morgan Stanley Christopher Carter join the Starcount board as chairman.

Starcount, which aggregates data and trends across the world’s 11 most popular social media networks, will use the expertise of Dunn and Humby to tap into what it calls the new generation of digital ‘superfans’, the elite influencers of the world’s 1.7bn social media users.

Dunn said: “Starcount is an exciting business for us to be part of, as it is dealing with trends across all the major platforms – even Facebook or Twitter only understand the users in their network, and we want to help brands understand their entire digital audience.”