NEWS17 May 2022

Disqo acquires Feedback Loop

M&A News North America

US – Customer experience platform Disqo has acquired product research platform Feedback Loop.

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The NYC-based company’s SaaS technology empowers consumer feedback for product and marketing professionals, from early-stage discovery to ideation and design.

The acquisition is described as accelerating Disqo’s mission to build a trusted platform that fuels brand growth by connecting consumers’ sentiments to their online behaviours. The addition of Feedback Loop will enable it to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of brand, product, and customer experiences for any kind of organisation.

Former chief executive of Feedback Loop Rob Holland has been named executive vice-president and general manager of the business at Disqo. Approximately 50 new team members will join Disqo, bringing the global headcount to more than 500 people. 

The acquisition follows Disqo’s recent Series B funding round, which it closed as part of its plan to further scale the capabilities and reach of its customer experience (CX) platform. 

“Organisations often lack the access and tools needed to make the right data-driven decisions for their customers, especially medium-sized and small businesses," said Disqo co-founder & chief executive Armen Adjemian.

“Traditional CX platforms have limited users within organisations and only enable customer experience feedback from existing customers. We are expanding the power of CX by empowering all decision-makers, from SMBs to large enterprises, to understand customer experiences everywhere, communicating with both existing and prospective customers.”