NEWS4 August 2022

Disqo launches CX tool

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US – Customer experience (CX) intelligence platform Disqo has released a tool measuring the impact of advertising on the entire customer journey.

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The tool, called Outcomes Lift, will look to provide advertisers with increased visibility of the CX journey, from search to e-commerce transactions.

Outcomes Lift also seeks to provide insight into critical funnel behaviours that happen after exposure to an advert, such as search, website visitation and e-commerce activities.

Digital platforms including connected television, display, online video, mobile, e-commerce and social media are measured via the Outcomes Lift tool.

Disqo said that Outcomes Lift could help advertisers prevent their measurement being superseded by new platform siloes and advertising formats, as well as identifier technology in the future.

Stephen Jepson, executive vice-president, advertising effectiveness, at Disqo, said: “Outcomes Lift illuminates the pervasive blind spots that existed even before the deprecation of cookies and other outdated identifiers.

“Our Brand and Outcomes Lift products are setting the bar in ad measurement because, rather than stitching together workarounds from incomplete data sources, we’ve invited people to share their experiences passively and directly through our platform.”