NEWS18 October 2021 releases video analysis tools

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US – Insights video platform has launched new video analytics capabilities to allow users to share and analyse insights from apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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‘CX Collections’ will allow for owned video content to be uploaded, organised and analysed, and has also expanded its ‘Augmented Insights’ intelligence tools to have theme-finding capabilities. said that CX Collections would allow users to create libraries of live and recorded videos, allowing unlimited amounts of recorded conversations to be uploaded without threat of auto-deletion.

The ‘Theme Finder’ element of Augmented Insights would also allow users to examine consumer sentiment on key topics, and create video clips of when themes and topics are discussed in recorded video sessions. runs a smart video platform to examine consumer sentiment and experience, and provide insights and outcomes.

Jim Longo, co-founder and chief strategy officer at, said: “Shortening the time it takes to move from customer conversations to actionable insights is a key part of our vision for the future.”