NEWS23 May 2018

Digital Taxonomy releases Codeit Professional

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UK – Data analytics business, Digital Taxonomy, has added artificial intelligence (AI) and text analytics to its text coding automation tool, with the launch of Codeit Professional.

Codeit Professional is a software tool designed to increase the quality and speed of coding unstructured text and other data, including market research survey verbatims, customer reviews, social media comments and text from Voice of the Customer programmes.

Building on the original Codeit tool, Codeit Professional uses a blend of AI, machine learning and text analytics technologies to help organisations uncover insights from unstructured material.

Pat Molloy, CEO, Digital Taxonomy, said: “Codeit Professional finally allows organisations to easily and quickly mine unstructured text for insight that previously might well have remained un-coded for reasons of timeliness, cost or resource availability.”

Digital Taxonomy was founded in 2017.