NEWS11 May 2017

Digital Taxonomy launches automated coding tool

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UK – Software company Digital Taxonomy has launched a machine learning tool designed to help automate coding of open-ended material.


Codeit is a cloud-based, software as a service tool developed specifically for the market research industry. 

The system continually learns from users in order to organise and make sense of open-ended answers. 

“The processing of open-ended survey data has traditionally been slow, complex and labour intensive, and this has often lead to this rich seam of information being largely under exploited," said Tim Brandwood, head of systems and technology at Digital Taxonomy.

"Codeit works alongside human coders and iteratively learns from them, providing tremendous gains in consistency and speed.”

Codeit was originally a joint venture between Brandwood, of TBL Systems, and Steve Taylor of We Work With Data. They were later joined by AI expert Damien Gouriet; founder of Quantime Ltd (now SPSS MR), Ed Ross (chairman); and chief strategy officer at Confirmit, Pat Molloy (CEO) .