NEWS4 February 2010

Digital Research launches Waggle Omnibus

North America Technology

US— Digital Research has launched a new community-based online qual service, the Waggle Omnibus.

The firm will recruit communities made up of a particular type of respondent, such as keen travellers or shoppers, and run them for four months.

During these four months, clients will be offered exclusive access to the communities on a weekly basis, where they can engage the users in as many research activities and discussions as they wish.

At the end of the week all data will be removed so the next client has no access to it.

Digital Research executive vice president Jane Mount said: “Waggle Omnibus is perfect for clients with a limited research budget, or those who want to ‘try out’ a market research online community before making a large investment in resources.”

Mount said that each community would number between 200 and 300 members.