NEWS1 July 2021

Dig Insights launches concept testing tool

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UK/US/CANADA – Tech insight and strategy consultancy Dig Insights has developed a product and idea testing tool for its automated research platform.

Consumer response testing abstract image

Idea Split will allow researchers to carry out monadic research, which involves showing research participants a product or concept in isolation to gather their feedback.

The tool will help users assess ideas against business metrics and will gather quantitative and qualitative feedback.

The Upsiide platform allows marketing and insight teams to predict which ideas, concepts, and designs will perform best in-market. It is part of Dig Insights, which has offices in London, Toronto and Chicago.

Ian Ash, co-founder and president, Upsiide, said: “The biggest challenge for us was designing the user experience in a way that was simple and fast for anyone involved in innovation. Doing this kind of research can be incredibly complex.”