NEWS19 January 2017

Dentsu names Yamamoto as new CEO

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JAPAN — Japan’s largest advertising company, Dentsu, has named Toshihiro Yamamoto as its new CEO, replacing Tadashi Ishii, who resigned in December. 

Toshihiro yamamoto crop

Yamamoto (pictured) is currently a senior vice president at Dentsu, having been at the company since 1981. He will take on the role on January 23.

Dentsu has been plagued by controversy in recent months: earlier this week the company released the results of its investigation into whether its Japanese subsidiary had been over-charging customers for digital advertising services. 

The investigation uncovered that 977 transactions deemed 'unsuitable for business practice’ had been carried out between 2012 and 2016, including 10 cases over-billing. This amounted to ¥114.82m ($1.01m) in fees. 

"My mission is to re-establish trust in Dentsu in Japan, and build a sustainable growth path for the long term," Yamamoto has been quoted as saying.

"I believe it will become a reality with the improvements we are making to create a more flexible working environment where our diverse talents will thrive to help create value for our clients and professional fulfilment for our people."