NEWS29 November 2023

Demos establishes public service reform initiative

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UK – Think tank Demos has launched a cross-party taskforce to produce a public service reform strategy for central government. 

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The strategy could provide the basis for the first public service reform white paper since 2011, should a government decide to produce one.

According to an initial paper published by Demos, the taskforce will firstly explore the opportunity for public service reformers and will then synthesise that into a new, national vision for public services. 

After that, a third stage will consider how the vision can be put into practice by the government.  

After setting out the design features needed for a new vision for public services, the taskforce will develop a roadmap to implement these, with a report due to be published in the summer of 2024.

An external advisory board is supporting the initiative, including NHS Confederation chair Lord Victor Adebowale and Baroness Simone Finn, former deputy chief of staff to the prime minister. 

The launch of the initiative follows Demos’ merger with Engage Britain, a charity focused on participatory policy-making.