NEWS25 October 2016

Delvinia unveils data collection and visualisation group

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CANADA — Delivinia has unveiled DCS (Delvinia Custom Solutions), a group focused on creating innovative ways to help marketers, researchers and business leaders collect, visualise and enable data.

The Delvinia Group, which includes AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans and Methodify, now offers clients a suite of data collection services, solutions and platforms. 

"With the growth of digital technologies and the ever-changing business landscape, our clients are requesting new and innovative ways to collect and enable data that fall outside of our current data collection offerings," said Steve Mast, president and chief innovation officer at Delvinia.

"To meet this growing demand, Delvinia’s award-winning digital consulting group is turning its proven, consultative method to discovering, designing and developing new and innovative ways to help organisations collect, visualise and enable data."