NEWS14 October 2021

Delineate launches software platform

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UK – Research technology business Delineate has developed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for marketers.

James Turner crop

The ‘Proximity’ platform uses pre-configured or bespoke client surveys and connects to global sample marketplaces for respondent access.

It can be accessed through a direct application programming interface (API) connection, business intelligence tools or a web app, and is currently available in around 130 countries.

The company said it can be used by marketers to access brand tracking and campaign evaluation at the same speed  as social or search data.

Delineate recently reorganised its leadership team, with founder and chief executive James Turner becoming president and Ben Leet taking on the chief executive role. 

Turner (pictured), said: “A new generation of marketers are leaning on alternative data sources to speed up their insight-to-decision process, and we firmly believe in the power of the humble survey. Through automation and a modern tech stack, we remove the need for manual sampling, data processing and tabulation.”