NEWS19 July 2012

Decipher adds email tool to research suite

North America Technology

US — Decipher has launched a new email campaign manager tool as part of its Beacon market research software suite.

The integrated feature allows users to create and customise email campaigns to potential research respondents. The new email campaign manager can be programmed to send invitations to email lists at scheduled times, while also sending reminders to those lists and automatically filtering out respondents who have already completed the surveys. Opt-outs are automatically managed and can be reviewed by the senders.

“We constantly strive to ensure that the user experience with Beacon is optimal from all angles,” said Jayme Plunkett, CEO and co-founder of Decipher. “Integrating an email management feature into the platform made sense with Beacon’s existing offerings, making it easier for licensees to manage their email sends from one platform and ultimately delivers better return rates for market research campaigns.”