NEWS26 November 2013

Dataium settles with NJ Consumer Affairs Division for $400k over ‘history sniffing’

Automotive Legal News North America

US — Dataium, an aggregator of in-market automotive shopper behaviour has settled with the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Division over allegations of ‘history sniffing’.

History sniffing is the practice of tracking websites visited by consumers without their notice and consent. Dataium was also accused of transferring consumer information to a third-party marketing company without notice and consent from users.

Dataium denies the Division’s allegations, but has agreed to settle for $400,000. $301,000 of that settlement will be “suspended and automatically vacated within five years of the effective date”, provided that Dataium complies with a number of restraints and conditions.

“Last week, we were able to resolve the inquiry amicably and without any findings of wrongdoing or admitting any liability,” said Angie Sherrell, Dataium managing director (pictured). “The order reaffirms that we will continue our current practices of complying with all applicable legal requirements pertaining to notice, disclosure and use of consumer information.”