NEWS19 November 2010

Data provider Gnip nabs $2m funding and Twitter reselling deal

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US— Social media data collection firm Gnip has struck a deal to become the first authorised reseller of Twitter data, meanwhile pocketing $2m in funding from its private equity backers Foundry Group and First Round Capital.

The firm specialises in gathering information from social media sites and selling it on to clients in a single data stream. It lists social media monitoring firms Alterian, Attensity and Next Big Sound among its customers.

Gnip CEO Jud Valeski (pictured) said that the deal with Twitter would allow the firm to “sub-license access” to public tweets and was “great news for developers interested in analysing large amounts of this data”.

To coincide with the reseller deal, Gnip has launched three new Twitter data feeds: the Halfhose, which is 50% of the full Twitter Firehose, the Decahouse, which is 10% of the full Firehose and the Mentionhose, which tracks all mentions of a user, including replies and retweets.


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14 years ago

Decahose, a tenth of the full Firehose? Deca means 'multiply by ten'. Surely it should be "Decihose".

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