NEWS18 August 2014

Data honesty wins consumer support

AI News UK

UK— Brands that are honest and upfront about how they intend to use personal data are more likely to be trusted by consumers according to a survey looking at people’s attitudes toward social data gathering and content personalisation.


More than three quarters ( 79%) of respondents who expressed an opinion said they are more likely to respect an honest brand that gathers data via a social login, rather than one that uses cookies.

The survey of more than 2,000 consumers was commissioned by tech company Intent HQ and also looked at the area of personalisation and the interaction between consumers and companies in terms of data. It found that 86% don’t like online advertising which is personalised through data from cookies; either ignoring the ads, finding them irritating or feeling as though they are intruding on their privacy. At the same time, 59% said that providing basic login details in return for personalised offers and information is a ‘fair deal’. Some 71% said they were prepared to give some data to login even if it was just a name and email address.

And although the majority ( 84%) said they were concerned about online privacy, almost half ( 47%) admitted that this doesn’t stop them giving personal details if they want certain information.

Jonathan Lakin, CEO of Intent HQ, said: “Consumers have had enough of the blunt-edged personalisation of ads and content targeted using cookie data. Consequently, advertisers and publishers are now increasingly using permission-based social logins to collect this information. By combining this with online behavioural data and then applying sophisticated new methods involving artificial intelligence to target ads and content more accurately, they are enjoying a dramatic rise in conversion rates.”