NEWS9 February 2012

Dassault acquires social analytics platform Netvibes

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US/FRANCE— Dassualt Systèmes, a developer of 3D design and product lifecycle management software, has acquired social media monitoring and analytics platform Netvibes.

The Netvibes technology will be integrated into Dassault’s 3D Experience platform to enable customers to gather and analyse information such as consumer sentiment, brand image or the adherence rate of early adopters using online sources of data.

Existing users of the Netvibes dashboard include the Coca-Cola Company, the US Department of Energy, Digitas and Universal McCann, as well as four million individual users that use the platform to “manage” their online lives by personalising content from news and social sites.

Dassault president Bernard Charlès (pictured) said: “Our vision is to provide ‘social information experiences’ to the business world and consumers; holistic views on everything that matters, both inside and outside the company, in order to innovate. Netvibes is a perfect fit for our 3D Experience platform. It will connect information related to all product, service and user experiences from internal and external data sources, all in real-time and in-context for a better, richer experience and decision-making process.”

Netvibes is headed by CEO Freddy Mini.