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Crowdbooster promises social media analytics plus advice

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US—Social media management firm Crowdbooster launched a dashboard this week that mixes analytics data with recommendations for what content brand owners should share, when and with whom.

The technology is already in use by the The Los Angeles Times, ad agency Wieden & Kennedy and ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s.

On the analytics side, Crowdbooster tracks engagement levels, audience and reach across brand-owned Twitter and Facebook pages. But on top of that, the technology tries to coach social media managers on the best content to share at particular times so as to generate maximum exposure.

CEO and co-founder Ricky Yean (pictured) says the company is looking to address the problem of social media “information overload”.

“Analytics provide significant insight, but they are simply not enough,” Yean says.

The company has attracted seed funding from Y Combinator and others including Steven Chen, the co-founder of YouTube and Esther Dyson, a WPP board member, as well as ex-Slide, Facebook and MySpace affiliates.


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13 years ago

Thank you for posting the news! We are happy to answer any questions about our company for your readers. Please contact us on Twitter at @crowdbooster. - Ricky CEO, Crowdbooster

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