NEWS16 October 2015

Cross-media, multi-device media the norm

News UK

UK — People are consuming an increasing number of channels across multiple platforms and devices with 87% consuming two or more media in the same half hour in a week (up from 76% a decade ago), according to the latest IPA Touchpoints report.


Other findings include that radio listening peaks between 7.30 and 8.30am and 83% of adults spend on average more than two hours per weekday listening to the radio via a radio or TV set. In terms of digital radio, the mobile phone is the dominant digital device with 27% of people listening on their handsets in an average week.

In 2015, 65% of the time people read news content via a printed newspaper and a further 18% of the time via newsbrands’ digital platforms. For millennials, it drops to 23% is in print and 34% on digital platforms.

TV viewing is greatest in the evening and people spend more than three and half hours a day watching TV on a weekday and four and half hours a day on the weekend. After watching content on TV sets, the device of choice is a PC rather than a tablet. Peak time for TV viewing is almost constant at 9pm for both weekday and weekend.

Social media has become a constant companion in our lives: more than 63% access social network sites each week, spending an average of one hour and 37 minutes a day on social sites, which rises to over two hours a day for millennials.