NEWS23 May 2016

Cross Marketing unveils virtual reality shopper research service

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JAPAN — Cross Marketing has launched a virtual reality shopper research service, Virtual Insight 360º View, which uses images and videos from actual stores to build a panoramic virtual store space. 

Virtual shop crop

Research participants can then be observed walking around the space, looking at products and making choices.

Cross Marketing collaborated with visual communication specialists amana on the project; amana’s computer graphics and image composing technologies allow 360º viewing, allowing participants to see up, down, left and right. 

“Cross Marketing collaborated with the most creative business partner and this made it possible for us to create a totally new service," said Yukihiko Okumura, executive manager of marketing at Cross Marketing.

"This service is a combination of market research and cutting-edge technologies, which is outside of the scope of ordinary market research. We are confident that we can offer our clients high cost performance as well as additional benefits."