NEWS8 August 2023

Cross Marketing Group CEO appointed JMRA chairman

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JAPAN – Miki Igarashi, group chief executive officer at research firm Kadence International’s parent company, Cross Marketing Group, has been named chairman of the Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA).

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Igarashi helped found Cross Marketing Inc in 2003, assuming office as representative director, and later became president and chief executive at Cross Marketing Group in 2014.

Kadence International is a global market research agency with 10 offices across Asia, Europe, the UK and the US, which has been owned by Cross Marketing Group since 2014.

The JMRA was founded in 1975 to promote the market research industry in Japan and has more than 100 companies as members.

Igarashi said that his appointment as chairman at the JMRA “opens up invaluable opportunities for increased collaboration and mutual growth”.

He added that issues such as the advance of artificial intelligence (AI) would be high on his agenda as chairman at the JMRA.

“We have the opportunity to seize this moment and elevate our entire industry to unprecedented heights,” Igarashi said.

“My vision is to drive growth and innovation in all industries through market research.

“Together, we will strive to shape an industry that truly understands and meets the diverse needs of brands worldwide.”