NEWS10 September 2009

Critical Mass launches marketing measurement arm

Data analytics North America

CANADA— Omnicom-owned digital marketing agency Critical Mass has launched a new business arm to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Science business group will offer clients tailored solutions using web analytics, customer behaviour modelling, marketing mix model design support, neuromarketing, social sentiment and influencer monitoring and measurement.

Shaina Boone, group marketing science director at Critical Mass, said: “Rather than simply focusing on objectives and results over a finite period of time, we ask questions that get to the root of causality: Why did an initiative do better than expected? What did the consumer do differently and why? This information helps with planning and optimisation as we continue to improve the success of our clients’ marketing initiatives.”

The firm’s CEO, Dianne Wilkins (pictured), said that in the current business climate clients were being held accountable for their marketing spend and were “looking for proof” that their investments were working.

She said: “Marketing Science is about providing them with the expertise and tools to deliver the right message at the right time to the right consumer and ultimately to measure effectiveness across the entire marketing mix.”

Critical Mass launched an online research community business earlier this summer, called Curious.