NEWS16 July 2009

Critical Mass gets Curious about online communities

North America Trends

US— Omnicom-owned digital marketing agency Critical Mass has set up a research division that will build and manage online market research communities for brand owners.


The division, called Curious, is headed by consumer research director Arif Hirani. “Customers don’t wait for a formal study or survey to have an opinion,” he said. “They are already talking about brands online — their likes and dislikes, needs and preferences.

“Our goal with Curious is to enable companies to join in on the conversation in a more controlled environment. By tapping into the power of a private online community, a company can actively listen to its customers and engage in an ongoing dialog, ultimately leading to a better experience with their brand.”

The agency maintains its own private community it calls ShopTalk, to deliver “quick hit” insights and answers to specific business questions, from topics ranging from retail to travel to banking.

Critical Mass works for clients including Gillette, car maker Infiniti Global, Budweiser and Rolex.