NEWS5 November 2009

Conversition adds subs option to Twitter monitor

North America Trends

CANADA— Social media research agency Conversition has released a subscription version of its Tweetfeel Twitter monitoring website.

Tweetfeel was launched as a free service earlier this year, which allows users to search Twitter for mentions of brands, products and celebrities and rating those mentions as either positive or negative.

Conversition says it has given the new subscription version of the service “an increased focus on accuracy and comprehensiveness”. It says users can be more specific with search terms, while charts and graphs are available to track changes in brand sentiment.

Agency co-founder Tessie Ting (pictured) said: “Sentiment analysis is a difficult process in itself, but by developing a very comprehensive set of algorithms, and relying on our knowledge of valid research practices, Tweetfeel demonstrates a level of validity that makes brand tracking of Twitter data highly reliable and very simple.”