NEWS9 November 2009

Coke and McDonald’s sign up to new Twitter analytics platform

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US— Twitter has been toying with the idea of making money from its users by offering them paid-for analytics tools – but another company, San Francisco-based CoTweet, has beaten them to it.

CoTweet lifted the lid on its Enterprise Innovators Programme (EIP) today, with Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald’s and Microsoft already having signed up.

The EIP is built around CoTweet’s Twitter management platform which has been designed to allow companies to manage and monitor their corporate accounts and customer relationships, but on top of this it adds a variety of analytics tools to measure the reach of Twitter messages and their click-through rates, the level of follower engagement and the influence of particular brands and users.

“Businesses have different requirements than consumers when it comes to social media engagement,” said CoTweet CEO Jesse Engle (pictured). “Companies must monitor their brands, provide customer service and measure the impact of outbound marketing.”

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone flagged paid-for analytics as one of a number of revenue-generating possibilities being considered by the company, which has so far failed to capitalise on its millions of users.

Third parties, however, seem to have no shortage of ideas for making money out of the micro-blogging platform. Last week social media research agency Conversition released a subscription version of its Tweetfeel Twitter monitoring website.