NEWS1 October 2015

Consumers yet to be convinced by smart homes

News North America

US — Satisfaction in smart home devices and technology is rising only slowly, while overall demand continues to decline, according to a report from Argus Insights.

Consumer distrust about the reliability of connected devices is affecting growth in consumer adoption which may lead to a challenging holiday sales season for home automation companies according to the Connected Home Demand Report.

Customers with smart light bulbs and security kits and hubs are the most satisfied while security cameras have shown the greatest disappointment in the category of security cameras.

John Feland CEO at Argus Insights, said: “These devices are still designed more for the Internet of Things than the Internet of Humans. Mainstream consumers were burned last holiday season by installation and reliability issues and though the remaining consumers in the market overall like these products more, the issues that forced out mainstream adopters after Holiday 2014 remain.

“Our analysis suggests that 2015 may be less than robust for smart home devices.”