NEWS24 August 2017

Consumers frustrated with brand engagement

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US – More than half of consumers ( 56%) think brands could do a better job of aligning with how they prefer to engage, according to a new report. 

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According to The State of Engagement report from martech firm Marketo, this is especially true of B2B consumers, 65% of whom believe brands could do better, compared with 47% of B2C consumers. B2B consumers also have higher expectations: 66% of them expect all interactions with brands or vendors to be personalised, compared with 56% of B2C consumers. 

The report also detailed the key reasons for consumers not to engage, with the biggest being brands/ vendors sending too much irrelevant content ( 51% of B2C consumers; 34% B2B consumers). Other reasons included brands/ vendors not having anything to offer outside products/ services ( 33% B2C; 29% B2B), and consumers only engaging regularly with a few of their favourite brands/ vendors ( 31% B2C; 26% B2B). 

B2C consumers also revealed themselves to be almost twice as likely to cite sharing personal information as a reason for not engaging more ( 28% B2C compared with 15% B2B).

In terms of channels used to engage with brands/ vendors, B2B consumers are using more channels, and are more likely to use email, chat, podcasts and online communities than their B2C counterparts. 

The full report can be downloaded here