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NEWS9 June 2014

Consumers feel ‘empowered’ by social media to give feedback

News UK

UK — Research from NewVoiceMedia has revealed that UK consumers feel ‘empowered’ to offer feedback by social media.

The research claims that 73% of UK consumers are standing up for customer service standards more than they were 10 years ago. According to the findings, 57% of Brits will give a business feedback in order to let them know they are performing poorly, and 37% feel empowered by social media to easily share their experiences.

Other findings include:

  • 64% of consumers provide feedback in order to express an opinion
  • 12% regard it as an opportunity to discourage others not to use the business
  • Over 55s most likely age range to let a company know they’re performing poorly ( 61%), but also most likely to thank a company for their service ( 37%)
  • Around half of UK consumers offer feedback via social channels – driven by convenience, belief that it reaches people and that it’s the most effective means of getting action

Martin Hill-Wilson, author of the paper, said: “As it stands today, 73% of UK consumers are standing up for customer service standards more than ten years ago, and 39% have higher expectations for service, with just 8% claiming to have lower expectations.

“Clearly the investment of turning customer feedback into actionable insight and sustainable service improvements is still being made. In the age of social engagement this is something all organisations should consciously prioritise.”

The paper can be downloaded here.