NEWS18 September 2015

Consumers almost as willing to share data as pay for services

Europe Privacy

EUROPE — Almost as many consumers in Europe would prefer to share personal data with communication service providers than would prefer to pay for access, according to research.


A ComRes digital consumer survey, carried out on behalf of the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO), found that 32% of consumers would prefer to share their personal data with a service provider if it meant they were not charged for using a service. 34% said the opposite – that they would prefer to be charged if it meant they didn’t have to share personal data.

The research also highlighted strong support by consumers for organisations to be subject to data breach notification requirements: 88% of consumers said they believed banks should be legally required to inform them if they suffered a breach of the personal data they were holding. Over three quarters supported similar obligations being imposed on telecoms operators, insurers, email service providers and social networks.