NEWS14 October 2014

Consumer Watchdog calls on Google to extend privacy rights to US

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US — Consumer Watchdog has claimed that Google’s own analysis has shown that the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling is being successfully implemented and should be extended to the US.

In a letter to Google executives Larry Page and Eric Scmidt, the nonprofit public interest group claimed that the recently-released Transparency Report shows the correct balance between privacy and the public’s right to know is being achieved. As such, it has called on the company to extend the same privacy protection to users in the US.

“I was heartened to see – based on Google’s own numbers – that you appear able to strike this balance in Europe and it does not appear to be an undue burden on your resources,” John Simpson, privacy project director at Consumer Watchdog wrote in the letter.

“Americans deserve the same Right to Be Forgotten. Indeed, with your repeated claims to care about privacy, you should be ashamed that Google is not treating people on both sides of the Atlantic the same way.”