NEWS24 September 2013

Consumer concerns persist, but 43% are ok with brands using behavioural data

Data analytics UK

UK — Over two-fifths of consumers support brands using online behavioural data despite continuing concerns over online privacy according to a global survey from UM.

According Wave 7, the latest part of UM’s global survey on consumer social habits, over 43% of consumers globally are supportive of brands using online behavioural data for marketing if it improves their online experience.

The survey said this value-exchange had resulted in a 10% spike in consumer membership in brand communities,and proved that a greater understanding of consumer needs can lead to a more strategic approach to engagement.

However, privacy remained a concern with almost 70% of global consumers registering concern about the amount of personal data online – with UK citizens amongst the most uncomfortable about being tracked.

The survey also found that 56% of consumers thought social networking was an integral part of their lives with microblogging sites such as Twitter and China’s Sina Weibo showing some of the highest growth.

According to Wave 7, relationship, diversion, learning, progression, and recognition were the five key needs underpinning all consumer interaction and continued to fuel the world’s prolific use of social media.

“Wave 7 has identified that consumers will connect with brands that meet five basic needs. By answering these needs, and by combining technology, social platforms and media in a more cohesive way, brands can put themselves in an extremely powerful position. We believe Wave 7 can guide them through this journey,” said Glen Parker, research director, UM G14/EMEA.