NEWS28 March 2018 launches prediction tools

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AUSTRALIA – Sydney-based tech company, has released two automated tools, Predictive Product Test and Prediction Market, to help clients test new product ideas, advertising materials and packaging. said its prediction market tools are designed for insights managers as well as smaller research agencies wanting to use new research methods.

Its tools are optimised and tested on panel respondents and the gamified chatbot-like interface trains respondents and calibrates their credence before allowing them to make bets on the likely success or failure of new products.

Nik Samoylov, founder of, said: “Prediction markets have for a long time been touted as a promising technique for market research by a handful of agencies. However, wider adoption is only possible if managers and researchers have an easy-to-use, accessible tool with reliable support. After months of development and testing, we are delighted to open up the prediction market platform to the world of market research.”