NEWS8 October 2019 introduces carbon offsetting

Asia Pacific News

AUSTRALIA – Automated tools and tech company has launched an ecological initiative to offset carbon emissions with every automated service provided to their clients.

Forest carbon offsetting_Crop

Carbon offsetting has gained mainstream acceptance in industries such as air travel and package delivery, where there is a direct and tangible link between a specific activity and carbon emissions. However, in professional services such as market research, the link between research activities and carbon emissions may not seem so direct. 

But computing power, especially with computationally-heavy analytics, office air conditioning, and flights to industry conferences all contribute to our carbon footprint. 

Its clients will now receive a carbon offsetting confirmation – at no extra cost – with every purchase they make on the platform.

Nik Samoylov, founder of, said: “ follows the lead of our clients in the consumer goods industry, many of whom have tested eco-friendly products on our platform this year. Overall, our research found sizeable segments of consumers who are seeking ecological products.”