NEWS5 April 2017

Confirmit launches customer experience maturity model

Innovations News UK

UK – Confirmit has launched Compass, a five-stage customer experience programme maturity assessment model. 

Confirmit Compass has been developed in conjunction with a research team from Rockbridge Associates and academics from the University of Miami and St. John’s University. It has been designed to ‘advance the overall goals of effective customer experience management'.

The model has a five-part framework, which is intended to allow companies to visualise their position on the customer experience maturity scale. The five perspectives are: vision, design, engagement, action and value. 

“VoC [voice of the customer] maturity is not instantly achieved once the programme is up and running. No matter how well-designed a VoC programme might be, a successful customer experience programme requires meticulous upkeep and nurturing,” said Shelly Chandler, vice president of customer experience consulting at Confirmit.

“From the tactical elements, to frontline efforts and financial outcomes, there are many pieces of the CX [customer experience] puzzle that evolve at different rates, and VoC is extremely important to each step of the journey. It is crucial that organisations self-assess the competencies and maturity levels of each element in order for their programme to progress. Confirmit Compass will help Confirmit customers do just this.”