NEWS9 May 2018

Confirmit launches B2B account tool

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UK, NORWAY & US – Market research software business Confirmit has released Account Health solution, to help B2B organisations understand and manage their account portfolios.

It is designed to give stakeholders support in managing large and complex client portfolios for better business outcomes. Account Health collates and analyses multiple data sources to guide decision-making with benefits including: the impact of customer experience on KPIs; calculating multiple risk factors; and linking key business metrics such as revenue renewal rate, lifetime value, user adoption and engagement.

Claire Sporton, senior vice-president for CX innovation, Confirmit, said: “Businesses that sell to other businesses have unique needs – the proposition is typically multi-faceted, the purchasing cycle longer, the customer journey more complex, and many more stakeholders are involved than in B2C. Individual client relationships can be worth millions, so businesses need to prioritise resources across their portfolio by quantifying loyalty and risk and acting on it.”