NEWS16 December 2016

Confidence in UK economy is weakening

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UK – One in three people think the UK economy will be doing worse in 12 months time according to research from Kantar Public.

The survey of 1203 adults found that just 16% thought the economy would be better with 52% saying it will be much the same.

Among workers, fear for their job security is growing – only 13% said their job was more safe than a year ago, 45% thought it was the same and 29% of those in work thought their job was less safe. Younger workers felt particularly vulnerable with 37% of 18- 24-year-olds saying they feel their job is less safe.

Luke Taylor, head of social and political attitudes at Kantar Public UK said: "The most striking figure in this latest dataset is that a third of people ( 33%) believe the UK economy will be doing worse in 12 months time – we've not recorded this level of pessimism in the economy since January 2012. It will be interesting to see if optimism returns in coming months or if this deteriorates further."