NEWS27 October 2016

Confidence in the economy falls to record low

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UK — BMG Research’s latest Public Perceptions of the Economy (PPE) tracker results have revealed a sharp collapse in public optimism for the national economy. 

The monthly tracker has revealed optimism to be at its lowest point since it began in 2015: pubic optimism for the national economy fell by 28 points from September and is down 39 points since October last year (from +2 to -37 ).

PPE had seen a steady decline since April, falling from -17% to -24% in August. In September this rose by 15 percentage points to -9%.

Personal financial optimism, the public’s view of how their household finances will change in the coming 12 months, increased steadily from –9% to -5% between July and September.

But October data suggested optimism had sharply declined to -20%, also the lowest since the trackers began in October 2015.

Full results can be found here.