NEWS13 March 2017

ComScore unveils connected home measurement

Mobile News North America

US – ComScore has announced the launch of Connected Home, a service based on the company’s Total Home Panel, which measures consumer behaviour across home network connected devices. 

Connected devices crop

Connected Home gathers insight on the use of products including computers, mobile phones, tablets, streaming sticks, smart TVs and ‘internet of things’ devices.

Subscribers to the service receive key measures including device penetration, usage frequency, engagement time, household demographics and cross-device activity patterns to gain insight into how these products are used in the home. 

The Total Home Panel includes more than 12,500 households with more than 147,000 active devices per month. 

“There are more screens and other connected devices in homes than ever before, yet there have been major gaps in understanding how consumers interact with this technology,” said Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at comScore.

“Whether our clients seek to understand new dynamics of media consumption such as over-the-top delivery, gaming and other entertainment options, or IoT adoption, this new service is a major step forward in enabling removing these blind spots.”