NEWS9 October 2009

ComScore launches mobile insight service

North America Technology

US— ComScore has launched a new service to give marketing and advertising clients insight into mobile consumers.

The ComScore Plan Metrix Mobile tool – an extension of the existing Plan Metrix tool – looks at data on technology usage, demographic profiles, lifestyle, attitudes, product purchases and offline media consumption.

The firm said it developed the service in response to “marketers’ demand for sophisticated media buying tools in the mobile medium on par with those available for other media”. ComScore added that the service will help advertisers develop more persuasive campaigns based on a deeper understanding of their target audience’s behaviour.

Evan Neufeld, vice president and senior analyst for mobile at ComScore, said: “With more than one-third of mobile users actively engaging with digital content on their phones, it is increasingly important for media planners to understand more sophisticated audience characteristics to effectively reach consumers on their mobile devices.

“ComScore Plan Metrix Mobile gives media planners and buyers the tools needed to target mobile consumers, meeting both their demographic and psychographic requirements, as well as providing insight into the role that device ownership characteristics play in consumer targeting.”