NEWS21 September 2010

ComScore debuts social media monitoring tool

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US— ComScore has struck a deal with web monitoring firm Radian6 to offer its clients a social media monitoring service.

The new Social Analytix service uses Radian6 technology to track mentions of brands, companies and products across 150 million web pages including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn Answers and blogs and forums.

ComScore vice president Steve Dennen (pictured) said: “The emergence of social media in the past few years has helped usher in the era of the digital consumer, where one’s brand equity increasingly relies on what people are saying about in the digital environment.

“Social Analytix leverages Radian6’s leading social media technology to help us provide our clients with enhanced insights into an increasingly critical variable in the marketing mix: consumer word of mouth.”

Also today, ComScore announced a partnership with Equifax company IXI to integrate the latter’s financial segmentation data into its AdEffx and Audience Advantage product suites.

ComScore says the integration will allow online publishers and ad networks to more accurately target ad inventory at key consumer segments according to a broad range of wealth indicators, as well as being able to measure the reach of campaigns against the same segments.


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14 years ago

Am wondering whether this is the same tool with a different badge on it or whether comScore are adding something extra to the mix to make this a bit more compelling, perhaps in the form of demographic data, UVs etc? [Disclosure: I work @ Visible Technologies which is in a similar field to Radian6]. @atgrant

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