NEWS3 January 2019

Comcast launches TV data platform

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US – Comcast is launching a blockchain-based data sharing platform as it looks to create a secure ‘identity layer’ for TV audience data.

Person using a TV remote control

The platform, Blockgraph can be used to share audience insights with marketers without disclosing identifiable user data to third parties, according to Comcast.

Participants, such as advertisers and media companies, can use the platform to perform ‘blind matches’ directly with each other, secured through encryption technologies, non-identifiable data and blockchain protocols.

NBCUniversal, part of Comcast, is currently testing the platform with a view to incorporating it into its addressable advertising offer.

The company has partnered with Viacom and Spectrum Reach, Charter House’s ad sales division, on the initiative, with further participants expected to be announced.

Jason Manningham, general manager of Blockgraph, said: “The TV community needs to ensure that we can compete with the data capabilities of digital-first companies. We understand that providing a safe way to protect data while benefitting from collective insights is the path forward.”