NEWS1 November 2021

CMNTY joins UmbrellaBrand

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US/NETHERLANDS – Dutch data and insights company UmbrellaBrand has acquired New York-based online qualitative research business CMNTY Corporation for an undisclosed fee.

Big fish eating small fish

The deal will allow UmbrellaBrand to enter the North American market and also set up a software ‘house’ for marketing tools.

CMNTY will retain its independence and branding following the deal, and joins four other data, insights and creative consultancy agencies at UmbrellaBrand – MarketResponse, 4orange, Wonder Insights and RealTime Lead Group.

Maxim Schram will remain chief executive officer of CMNTY and will also lead the development of the software house.

CMNTY is a tech firm providing software for online qualitative research and insights communities, and which was founded in 2007 in Eindhoven, albeit generating more than half its turnover in the US and Canada.

Schram said: “This is a very logical step for us; we are primarily a tech company that develops software for market researchers.

“Being part of the UmbrellaBrand Group now gives us direct access to deep and broad expertise in qualitative and quantitative research and insights.”

Jorgen Botermans, chief executive of UmbrellaBrand Group, said: “Our goal is to build a software house with a complete portfolio of digital marketing solutions.

“For us, this is a stepping-stone to the large North American market and it enables us to give substance to our international ambitions.”

Botermans added that the software house built by CMNTY would incorporate UmbrellaBrand Group products such as experience management software Direct Feedback and quantitative data collection tool SmartAllies.