NEWS11 July 2017

CMI expands BE tools with yChoose

Behavioural science News North America

US – Behavioural science and insight consulting firm CMI has added to its suite of tools with a new product yChoose.

This is the third product to be added, following yPrescribe and yQuote. It simulates real world behaviour using an interactive selection exercise designed to reflect the several choices a consumer must make during a given purchase decision.

Consumers can make rapid-fire and real-world decisions based only on the information they feel they need in a controlled environment.  YChoose captures the changes in the buyer’s consideration set at each step and reveals the habits within the selection process. 

Steve Flynn, vice-president of client services at CMI, said: "Modern technology means attention paid to various elements is increasingly bifurcated so we continue to rely more heavily upon cognitive shortcuts to make everyday decisions. 

"YChoose gets at the what, how and why all in one study.  Companies have used traditional choice-based models to identify compensatory characteristics in consumer decision-making, but few have approaches that are based on unveiling heuristics."