NEWS3 May 2019

Clarabridge unveils new tech

AI Innovations News North America

US – Customer experience management firm Clarabridge has released new AI-powered digital customer care products to help with customer engagement.

The company has rebranded CX Social to Clarabridge Engage and combined with new live chat features and increased support for all major messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Viber, and Telegram, so customers can use its listening, engagement and analytics for all digital conversations.

Clarabridge has introduced Predictive Reason Detection so companies can now pinpoint why a customer initiated a conversation, improve contact deflection, reduce interaction length and reveal patterns and insights that businesses can act upon.

It has also introduced a new iOS app, Clarabridge Pulse, allowing employees across an organisation to tap into customer feedback insights.

To help companies make the most of potential insights from  customer feedback data through contact centre interactions it has brought out Automated Interaction Scoring which analyses customer interactions across channels and agents.

Mark Bishof, CEO of Clarabridge, said: “The innovations we’re bringing to market empower organisations to build relationships internally and externally at scale, implement insights from customer feedback data across all areas of the business, and evolve the traditional, siloed approach to customer experience into one that is data-driven and focused on digital customer care.”