NEWS16 November 2012

Cisco pilots location-based analytics in Copenhagen Airport

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DENMARK — Cisco is testing an advanced Wi-Fi location data analytics platform in Copenhagen Airport.

The company claims that the analytics technology, which is embedded in the firm’s WiFi networks, can be used to create new business opportunities and streamline business operations.

It has been developed by Cisco staff following the IT giant’s recent acquisition of ThinkSmart Technologies, which gathers location-based metrics including time of day, traffic patterns and dwell durations.

Copenhagen Airport says it has deployed Cisco’s new context aware location data analytics to help improve operational efficiency, make smarter business decisions and provide a better travel experience for its passengers. In partnership with global air transport IT provider SITA, it will track the passenger flow of those coming and going throughout the international terminal.

The airport hopes that through the deployment, it will be able to determine the appropriate level of security personnel and staff that is needed to support their passengers in a timely manner.

Christian Poulsen, assets and technical director at Copenhagen Airport, said: “A positive passenger experience is valuable to us and we strive to provide the travelers with a stress-free airport experience.

“In the future, we are looking to also implement push notifications with flight information and other relevant material pertinent to a passenger, as well as ensuring an appropriate level of staffing is present to assist the travelers in a timely manner.”

Other test sites include the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, USA. Cisco is also collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies’ networking and connectivity subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros, to deliver precise indoor location capabilities on mobile devices.

Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager, wireless networking group, Cisco, said: “The influx in mobile devices provides enterprises with unique ways to transform the end-user experience. With rich radio frequency innovation in wireless networking infrastructure, our recent investment in ThinkSmart Technologies for location data analytics, and new indoor hyper-location capabilities we are unlocking an unsurpassed end-user experience and powerful business benefits.

“These mobile networking advancements mark the end of the days of inaccurate, two-dimensional maps and ‘good-enough’ services offered to people at indoor-locations and venues.”


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11 years ago

a very interesting article to see someone else playing in this field. Of course true numbers cannot be derived from this and element of People counting analysis needs to be combined to create a more robust approach if the data is to be counted on, something we are alsready delivering at Ipsos Retail Performance Ltd.

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