NEWS28 November 2017

Cint and Data Republic in partnership

Asia Pacific New business News

AUSTRALIA – Insight exchange Cint has joined forces with Australian data exchange and analytics platform, Data Republic, to gain greater insight and personalisation.

The arrangement will give Data Republic participants access to Cint’s audience of more than 40m people in 100 countries. Data Republic’s secure platform allows companies to fuse together a wide range of datasets to look beyond their own customer interactions.

James Rogers, executive vice-president of APAC, Cint said: “The partnership builds on a number of synergies between Cint and Data Republic. Data Republic’s secure analytics platform and Cint’s self-declared data will greatly increase insight depth for all customers.”

Steve Millward, chief analytics officer, Data Republic, added: “Companies usually have to choose between rich insights on a small sample of customers, or a less insightful understanding of an entire customer base. Bringing Cint into our ecosystem means that companies no longer have to make that trade-off.”