Mog the cat

NEWS11 December 2015

Christmas ads ‘don't drive purchase’

News Retail UK

UK — 34% of UK consumers chose Sainsbury’s Mog the Cat as their favourite Christmas advert, but 79% wouldn’t buy merchandise related to a Christmas advert, according to a new poll by Instantly.

John Lewis’ Man on the Moon came second in the poll of favourite Christmas advert, with 21% of the votes, and Coca-Cola’s well-known Holidays are Coming took third place ( 13%).

Coca-Cola was chosen as the brand most associated with Christmas ( 33% of consumers agreed with this), followed by John Lewis ( 16%) and Cadbury’s ( 15%).

However, 86% of people said they did not monitor for Christmas adverts in order to avoid missing out, and 79% said they wouldn’t buy merchandise related to a Christmas advert, such as the John Lewis telescope featured on Man in the Moon, and 76% said Christmas adverts do not make them buy products they wouldn’t usually buy throughout the rest of the year.

“Christmas adverts have become an increasingly prominent part of the festive season within the media,” said Ben Leet, UK MD of Instantly. “With delivery platforms constantly evolving and the rise of social media, our research shows that actually TV still has a major part to play in reaching the masses.

“There is no denying that video and social give these campaigns a broader reach, but brands and retailers must consider what it is that their audiences want in order to make the greatest impact.”